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What’s Included in the Free Review?

Our review will analyze several aspects of your website and current digital marketing strategy. We will look for opportunities you can use immediately to increase your website’s traffic, leads, and sales.

Conversion Analysis

We’ll review your website’s ability to convert visitors into leads or sales and advise you on how to make improvements. We’ll review some of your key pages and highlight the types of changes we’d make to increase your website’s conversions and conversion rate.

You’ll be able to implement many of the lead or sales-increasing changes almost immediately after watching the video.

Traffic Analysis

We’ll review how your website is currently earning traffic and advise how this traffic could be increased further. We’ll review the search queries we see your website ranking well for, provide you with advice on how to improve your ranking, as well as make suggestions on related search queries your website should be ranking for too.

We’ll also make recommendations on how to increase your traffic using other sources, depending on your existing strategy, such as the use of paid advertising or social media marketing.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll review websites which you are competing against in Google’s search results and give you advice on how to take advantage of their weaknesses. We’ll show you where they’re doing well, what they’re doing poorly with, and suggest how to outperform them.

Who Are We?

VAUX is a web design and development studio located in Phoenix, Arizona. We have been working with businesses and nonprofits for over 15 years and have worked with businesses of all sizes – from small startups to large national corporations. 

We create websites that look great AND meet business goals.  We work with organizations to determine their needs and offer solutions that solve problems within their budget. We understand the web and we understand business. We leverage current best practices and our past experiences to custom craft websites that fit our clients.