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How to Get $10,000 of Free Google Ads for Your Nonprofit

Online advertising can be a powerful tool in any organization’s marketing arsenal.  Online advertising can also be expensive. A program from Google gives free google ads for nonprofits.

It’s estimated that the average cost-per-click (CPC) for Google Ads across all industry types and keywords in the US is between $1 and $2.  That means that a $500 per month Google Ad spend should yield between 250-500 clicks per month.  Of these 250-500 visitors from Google Ads each month, an average of 4.40% should lead to conversions (a conversion is an action taken on your website that you’ve defined as valuable to your business) – meaning that a $500 monthly Google Ad spend should lead to 11 – 22 visitors engaging in an action on your website that you’ve defined as valuable to your business.

The Google Ad Grant

Thanks to an amazing offering from Google’s Ad Grant program, qualifying nonprofits who apply for the Google Ad Grant have access to up to $10,000 per month in google search ads!

This amazing opportunity gives nonprofits the ability to drive up to 5000-10000* new visitors to their websites per month with the potential for 220 to 440* conversions – all at no cost.

Who qualifies for the Google Ad Grant?

According to the Google Ad Grant program, to qualify, organizations must be eligible nonprofits, have a high-quality website, and agree to their program policies.To be eligible, organizations must be registered as a charitable nonprofit (verified by TechSoup).

Organizations that do not quality:

  • government entities
  • hospitals or health care organizations
  • schools, academic institutions, or universities

In short, if your organization is a charitable nonprofit registered in the US and IS NOT one of the organization types listed above, you can qualify.

How will your nonprofit use $10K in free Google Ads?
  • Inviting 300 new potential donors to support your cause each month?
  • Exposing 10,000 new people to your cause and your organization’s work every month?
  • Developing a list of 425 new individuals per month who may directly benefit from your organization’s services?

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and with $10,000 of free monthly ads, you’ll have an ad budget that’s large enough to focus on multiple objectives like these.

How VAUX can help:

Managing Google ads can be tricky.  A complete Google Ads strategy requires multiple ad sets, keyword research, analytics reporting, and the proper website functionality to take full advantage of the generated clicks and conversions.

3 ways we can help

First, we can help your organization apply and receive the Google Ad grant.  We’ll handle the application process for you and help your organization develop an effective strategy to get the most out of your Google Ad Grant.

Secondly, based on your approved ad strategy, we will create multiple campaigns, ad sets, and ads based approved keywords that link to targeted pages on your website.

Finally, on a weekly basis, we will optimize your current ad campaigns and will manage your ads.  Have an upcoming fundraising event that you’d like to draw additional attention to?  We will adjust your ad campaigns to make that a reality.


Ready to get started with this incredible opportunity?  Contact us and we can answer your questions and discuss the details.


* results may vary depending on industry, keyword selection, and competition