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Outward Spaces: Outdoor Gear Reviews, Tips, & Adventure Stories

We started working with Outward Brands in 2022 with the launch of their outdoor apparel company, Outward Goods.  Our work with Outward brands has given us at VAUX digital the privilege to work on some outdoor industry web design. Since then, Outward Brands has grown to include a portfolio of websites dedicated to inspiring an outdoor life while exploring the questions, challenges, and issues faced by those who love outdoor activities.

We’ve been working diligently with Outward Brands to build & launch their outdoors-focused blog, Outward Spaces. Now, with more than 60 articles and 1000’s monthly visitors, we’re excited to share our work.

Outward Spaces provides outdoor gear reviews, helpful guides (like their Guide to Camping for Beginners), and tips for outdoor life.  The thing we most love about Outward Spaces is their belief that spending time in the outdoors improves mental health while connecting people more deeply with nature and our collective need to protect it.

Some of the great work from the team at Outward Spaces include articles titled, “How to Take a Shower While Camping“, “The Important of Leave No Trace: Preserving the Beauty of Nature“, and our personal favorite, “How to Poop Properly….While Camping“.

VAUX worked closely with the team of Outward Brands to develop a look, feel, and structure for Outward Spaces that allowed for easy user adoption and quick growth across the multiple outdoor categories they focus on.

Along with the design and development of Outward Spaces, VAUX has also helped with search engine optimization to increase the organic search traffic of Outward Spaces – vital to the success of the website. We’ve also helped Outward Spaces leverage the multiple affiliate programs as well as the Ezoic Ad Network to improve the consistency of their revenue streams. We’ve also connected Outward Spaces with business partnerships with brands in the outdoor industry that will continue to ensure their growth.

In the past 5 months, website traffic has grown 336% and revenue has improved by 1,285%.  While Outward Spaces is just getting started, our team at VAUX is excited about continuing to participate in their growth and success in the coming years.

Website: Outward Spaces – Outdoor Gear Reviews, Tips, & Adventure Stories

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