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VAUX Digital Named Among Top Digital Agencies in Phoenix by DesignRush

We’re excited to announce that VAUX digital has recently been named as one of the Top 30 Digital Agencies in Phoenix by DesignRush – an online marketplace for finding agencies.


DesignRush ranks the top agencies in web design, digital marketing and more helping companies find the right agency for their needs. Users simply describe a project they need support with, and the experts at DesignRush pair them with select companies to help them accomplish their business goals.

We’d like to thank all of our amazing clients who trust us with their organization’s web presence as well as DesignRush for the recognition.

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Why I started VAUX

In the summer of 2006, I launched Method Lab Media, a graphic design studio serving small businesses in the Phoenix-metro area. In those early days, Method Lab did it all. We were designing logos, websites, and business collateral with the hope of putting all of our creative brilliance into creating beautiful and eye-catching designs. Often, I’d present “the world’s most well designed website” or “the best logo concept ever” to clients, only to be disappointed to receive a less than enthusiastic client response. “They didn’t get it”, I told myself. “Clients don’t get the value of good design”, I would tell my closest friends. But for a decade, I would continue to put hours into tackling clients projects primarily from a design perspective. I tackled projects feeling a duty to enlighten clients as to the value of good design, but knowing it would most likely end in frustration.

Then I took a break and jumped into their world. For two years, I worked in operations of a golf course management company. I was now working with designers and marketers who were pitching the designs. I was involved in the budget decisions that placed values on design and marketing. What I realized during that time changed me for the better.

Businesses need marketing that works.

Good design should solve business problems, but during the days of Method Lab, we often failed to adequately communicate the value in business terms. We created some beautiful work, but could have worked harder to ensure that our designs met clear business goals.  After all, the best looking website in the world isn’t valuable to most businesses if it doesn’t help them expand their customer base or generate more revenue.

So this summer, I opened VAUX digital to help business solve their marketing challenges with solutions that are built with purpose. The spirit of Method Lab continues within VAUX – good design will always be a priority for us – but we will balance beautiful work with hyper-focused goals for each project. It’s the best of both worlds – design & marketing, and we’re going to work hard to ensure that each project is carefully crafted to ensure it looks great AND works well.

Looking for a website that converts visitors to customers? Does your social media marketing need focus to reach the right audience? Do you want to accomplish more with email marketing? Then request a quote and see how VAUX can help.